“Understanding the correlation between Time and Life”

  • You can’t separate yourself from time, everything that you speak & do is in relation with time, you are simply time itself.
  • Time management is nothing but life management however time management in general is considered going by a watch or clock and should rather be known as clock management.
  • If we lived our life well in the time allocated to us then it’s good life management and in turn good time management.
  • If our productivity less than what we are capable of delivering in a given span of time then it’s bad time management.
  • It’s an irony of life that the most precious and valuable thing that we have in our life – TIME, we are throwing it away into dustbins like television, social media, past, anger, frustration.
  • You are the only person who has the ability to increase the value of your time.
  • When we have something meaningful to achieve the value of our time increases otherwise our time is invested in things that do not increase the value of our time.
  • It’s you who decides whether you are doing something which is meaningful or not, instead we look out for approval of the world.
  • Time is what you are made up of; don’t waste it.
  • The most valuable currency that each of us has is time – spend it wisely and judiciously, because how we spend it would decide the quality of life that we have lived.
  • Minimize Discussions and Maximize Decisions
  • Building is always more enjoyable than saving.
  • Proactive Value Adding is doing things from your choice.
    Reactive Value Adding is when there is an external pressure and circumstances & situations make you do things.
    Proactive Marginal is when you are in control of things that need to be marginalised in your life.
    Reactive Marginal is when you are not in control of things that need to be marginalised in your life.
  • If you don’t know what to do with your time someone else will know what to do with your time.
  • If you getting used doing nothing then nothing is what you will get.