On “Production Capacity v/s Production”

  • Everybody has a few physical assets. You need to maintain in for it to perform or produce to its maximum capacity. The capacity needs to be worked on continuously.
  • The moment you see something not working the way it should immediately go for a check up.
  • This principle works with all the assets. Like in the case of financial management you get interest based on the principle amount.
  • Like the story of farmer and the hen who lay golden eggs. The focus needs to be on the hen for it produce more golden eggs.
  • Unknowingly we tend to focus on eggs in all aspects of life than the eggs.
  • If it continues, you may get the eggs but the hen would die gradually because the production capacity is not worked upon.
  • Effectiveness is all about striking a balance between production capacity v/s production.
  • In case of professional life, you need to increase your capacity to extract better production.
  • The capacity building is the least exciting thing. Growth is only when you do less exciting things.
  • At any given time you will have a hen and eggs. Take care of the hen and enjoy the eggs.
  • Don’t just focus on the hen or the eggs. It has to be a balance.
  • Love living beings and use non living things.
  • Jo Rishton se karega pyar wo effort se kaise karega inkaar.