MG speaks on “ENOUGH”.

Our capabilities time again tell us to keep doing something more and life will keep on saying enough, the trick is to find the balance.

The reason why many people are not happy is “Enough” is not “Enough” for them.

When we are unable to take the call of “Enough”, then we miss out a lot in life.

Our growth is based on our ability to exploit our potential.

In doing more when we lose sight of what we have – that’s giving birth to misery.

One cannot be on a roller-coaster ride in which the operator is missing and the ride goes on forever. One needs to pause, take a break, reflect back, enjoy and then move on.

Life cannot be in fast forward, in slow motion or in pause, to be enjoyable it has to be at the right pace.

Enough has to be said from a positive, relaxed frame of mind and not that of negativity.

The art to grow is to detach at the same time staying attached.

Happiness is all about acceptance and growth is all about dissatisfaction, let’s be “Happily Dissatisfied”.