MG speaks on “Celebrations”

We have got to “Be” before we “Do” before we “Do” we need to “Have” however “Have” is outside of us and not in our control whereas to “Be” and “Do” is in your control and so we have to focus on these consciously.

Excellence happens and chances of getting what we want increases when our are “Doing” is combined with “Being”.

Celebrations are nothing but an external manifestation of our inner feelings of happiness.

The process of we exploiting our potential to achieve a goal is “Success”.

Happiness is in small moments and success is in big achievements.

In life that there are so many reasons to celebrate sometimes they are ours and sometimes it is someone else’s, either ways celebrate.

When we are able to celebrate happiness of others then the entire world can become a reason for our happiness.

It’s important to take pauses in life to reflect on things that have gone right and have made us happy.

Sad people only sell coffins.

We got to do our own living and our own dying, no one else can do that for us.