Managing relationships and expectations

  • In a relationship the responsibility is 100% of each person to ensure that the relationship is healthy and growing. It can never be less than 100%.
  • Personal relationships are never built on an agreement they are always built on a mutual understanding.
  • A personal relationship never starts with keeping certain parameters as conditions, however as time goes by expectations come in which is a sign that the relationship is alive but is also the biggest reason for conflicts in a relationship.
  • Nurturing relationships is like planting a seed and taking care that it grows into a healthy plant, a seed growing into a healthy plant is a sign that the soil is fertile but when soil is fertile there also is a possibility that weeds would start growing and it is our responsibility that we remove the weeds periodically so that plant stays healthy.
  • In a relationship its not whose expectation it is or whose ego it is or who should clarify or who should stand down, rather it should be whose life it is and we need to know it’s our life, it’s our relationship, it’s we who needs to put in 100% and ensure that things are working out. When both people in a relationship are this way then it’s the foundation of a wonderful, long lasting relationship.
  • The most difficult people to deal with are people who have expectations but don’t communicate about it.
  • When people have expectations from us, feel good that we have something worth giving.
  • There can’t be ownership without 100%.
  • Never give up on people who matter to you. – Rachna Gupta