What makes a great leader in today’s much diverse environment?

What makes a great leader in today’s much diverse environment?

Many of us have this image of a leader as all-knowing superhero who commands and gives orders. But it is an outdated phenomenon and not at all suitable for the 21st century.

Leadership is not just about giving orders, dictating terms and tasks. It is more about building a consensus, building a sense of shared purpose within your team. It is about developing a relationship with the people, who most probably are very different than you. Using same Leadership style with everyone is not a good strategy. People are unique and as a leader, you need to treat them in their own unique way. That’s what will help to build connection with them. It will help to build that trust to make them co-operate with you in achieving a shared goal of the organization.

How do you achieve that? There are many leadership tools to do that. But one of the very effective yet overlooked leadership tools to achieve that is – “listening”.

It is a very critical tool to create that environment which will help your team members to become highly motivated and committed to that common goal. And of course, it helps the leader to understand in which direction he needs to lead his team.

Leadership is dependent on the kind of support the team offers. And how do you know if that support is good enough?. Well, it’s simple. Go and talk to them. Is the leadership really helping them, are the adequate resources available, are the available training and tools good enough, is there anything that is disrupting the work and how can the leadership afford that support to make it better. And they will start telling you. And more than that they will learn to trust the leadership because of the efforts you took.

But yeah, only listening in itself is not enough, you need to respond to it through ‘action’. There might be right action or wrong action. But there has to be an action. No action is a big negative. It doesn’t mean you have to go and do some big changes immediately. You can design something, a solution to their problems or something to improve on things; it can be a mere suggestion. And go back to them again and discuss with them. Ask them what they think. Listen. And they will feel that they are valued members of the organization. And their commitment, motivation, performance going to get sky high.

Everyone wants to be heard and respected. Listening transmits that respect. And it also transmits the fact that you care and it’s the only way to show you care. It’s the only way to know how good your leadership is to your followers, the only way to assess and adjust your leadership, build trust and commitment, build respect. So go and listen.

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