Crowne Plaza (Formerly known as Courtyard Marriott)
Near Jehangir Hospital,
Pune, Maharashtra, India

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Pankh- A program for women entrepreneurs

In this new era of business, women entrepreneurs are taking business world to the new level by taking some bold decisions and leading from front. It is very important for Wopreneurs ( Women Entrepreneurs ) to have practical education, coaching, advising and networking of business. Pankh is an program where Wopreneurs will gain insights and skills on entrepreneurial mindset, vision planning, values and purpose identification, sales and marketing, finance, business and social etiquette and employee management.

Pankh is a 32 session intervention with 12 contact/knowledge sessions, 10 implementation sessions and 10 group review sessions. It is specifically designed for existing and aspiring Wopreneurs to help them identify and maximize their potential.  

Deliverables : -

  • The power of a woman and what it takes to be a woman entrepreneur (Wopreneur)
  • Identifying your unique ability.
  • Build a visionary organisation.
  • Mastering the strategic planning.
  • Organisational design and human resource optimisation.
  • Effective leadership and delegation strategies.
  • Understanding of sales & marketing process.
  • Understanding of financial best practices.

You can contact us on +91-823-700-8400 for more information.

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