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13/15, Pangloli Village, Thakurwadi, Off. Tungarli Lake,
Lonavala, Maharashtra, India

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N- Vision- A two days residential program

    Only a few of the companies survive from all the millions of companies formed in a year. Sadly, entrepreneurs realise it in a very crucial stage when nothing can be saved. Some businesses vanish after an impressive start. When it comes to failure of a business, then reasons are many but when it comes to growing/flourishing it then reasons are less and very clear.
    The reason for most of the businesses to survive and then grow is that they have done a better planning. Their purpose is strong enough to drive them in hard times, their vision is big enough to allow them expand on time and again and their values are clear enough to give their customer as well as employees a great experience. Now the question is how to set the vision, how to identify the core values and how to discover what exactly is your organisations’ purpose. Chrysalis presents N-Vision, a two days residential program for entrepreneurs which focuses on-
  • Building a powerful Vision
  • Finding you Core Purpose
      - Every organism on this planet has purpose to serve so does your organization. It is just a matter of discovering and working towards it.
  • Discovering your Core Values
      - When a storm comes, what happens to the tree with weak roots? It gets uprooted. A strong foundation is indispensible for a lasting future and enduring success
  • Setting Goals
      - Working without goals is just working on something or towards nothing. Everybody is born the same but the difference comes in the way you are thought of after you. Our brain is conditioned to process continuously. What you feed to that is what it shall process. Having your goals in front of you opens you up to avenues you never knew existed and in the process you keep moving into the next orbit.
  • Make yourself attractive
      - As you grow, you would need more resources, more money and better skills. But without Vision, all this would be nothing but just a hazy view. Only when you know where you want to reach, you shall build resources which will help you achieve your dreams.
      - You would never board a train without knowing its destination. How can you build your organization not knowing where it is heading?