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Life 360 A Life Leadership Program By Entrefluencer MG

It's in this one life we got to do what all we can. There is no second chance, no second innings, just this one life...
  • Should we then not explore how to maximise from life?
  • Should we then not understand that there must be a better way to live?
  • Should we then not pick up a few tools to live better?
  • Do you discuss your CHALLENGES with yourself?
  • Should you manage TIME or LIFE?
  • Are you doing justice to your RELATIONSHIPS?
  • Should we then not fast forward our life by benefiting from the wisdom of others?
There is so much more life can offer to each one of us and Life is never partial, it's the way it is. It's just that it gives the maximum to those who embrace it, to those who understand it, to those who conduct themselves in accordance to the game of life. Chrysalis presents Life360 a Life Leadership Program, which is an exclusive opportunity for those rare individuals committed to connecting, contributing and growing on a massive scale. This program will give you the tools and experiences to master the skills of lasting change and step into your own greatness as an individual and maximising on your potential. Life 360 A Life Leadership Program is a 4 days residential program.


  • Build The bridge between Purpose of life and Life Quest
  • Multiply and sustain Confidence
  • Empower self with Result oriented Effective Communication
  • Learn the Intricacies of Human Dynamics
  • Understand and use the Power of Self Talk
  • Master the art of Time Efficiency
  • Choice as a Behaviour Modifier
  • The essentials of Nurturing Relationships
  • Learn to Infuse Enthusiasm in Life
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