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The Game of Business- A 36 sessions Entrepreneur Empowerment Program

The Game Of Business is an initiative by Chrysalis towards empowering entrepreneurs and providing them with practical business education, coaching, advising and networking. Through the program, participants will gain insight and skills in topics such as entrepreneurial mindset, vision planning, values & purpose identification, sales & marketing, finance, leadership & human resource optimization by proper employee management and all this is supported by a very strong implementation in their businesses.  

Designed for successful established entrepreneurs, the program provides what is needed to break through current challenges, the causes of which could vary right from the economy, industry related challenges, individual circumstances or habits.

This program is a 36 session intervention with 15 contact/ knowledge sessions, 10 one-on-one Reviews, 10 group reviews and 1 Master review.


  • What it takes to be an entrepreneur
  • Pathways to building a visionary organization
  • Mastering the strategic planning
  • Organizational design and human resource optimization
  • >Building an effective & efficient second line of command
  • Effective leadership and delegation strategies
  • Bringing rhythm in the organization to create an empowering culture
  • Setting up systems & processes
  • Sales, marketing and branding strategies
  • Effective financial planning and wealth management
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