Keshavrao Bhosale Theatre Natyagruha
Mangalwar Peth,
Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India

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Life in TopGear By Mr. Manish Gupta

"Life in TopGear" (LIT) is a thought-provoking perspective by the renowned life & business coach Mr. Manish Gupta. Two hours of power-packed talk that will accelerate and maximize your LIFE productivity to great levels. Understand LIFE and its purpose, learn to set realistic goals and the process to achieve them, get a solution to numerous life challenges that you face on a day to day basis.

Life is all about achieving excellence in every spectrum that constitutes your being. Surrender yourself to the most astounding two hours that will change the way you see LIFE. Attain holistic knowledge to attain fulfillment, be it your academics, career, relationships, family and health.

Mr. Manish Gupta, since 20 years has been tirelessly working on engineering the human potential in both business and life verticals. He has mentored thousands of individuals and enterprises to help them achieve excellence. He is now coming to your city with a vision to make a positive and powerful difference to as many lives as possible. be there to witness and experience a journey like never before.--

Terms & Conditions:

1. Full and Complete details to be filled in the form.

2. Only one ticket per person will be issued.

3. Your ticket will be sent to you via SMS/Email. Entry to the auditorium will only be permitted on the basis of that SMS/Email only.

4. Govt. ID to be carried for verification

5. You are requested to reach the venue and take your seats before 6:00 pm.

6. The talk will start at sharp 6:30 pm and the gates will be closed for entry.

7. Minimum age requirement is 18 years.

8. Cellphones to be switched off or on silent mode, once you are inside the auditorium.

9. Strict decorum, discipline, and silence to be maintained at all times.

10. Strictly no photography or video shoot allowed during the talk.