Le Méridien ( Sheraton Grand )
Raja Bahadur Mill Road,
Pune, Maharashtra, India

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Your current business skills and expertise have gotten you this far. The world around you is rapidly advancing, embracing high tech systems and becoming smarter. Your clients, vendors and even your employees are looking for LEADERS and entrepreneurs who have CLARITY in their vision and are thoroughly upgraded with high business standards.

The path to attaining Success is difficult and the RACE is on. With your limited time and energy, Would you want to know which strengths you want to DEVELOP first to achieve greater business fulfillment?

R.A.C.E = Roadmap to Advanced Competitive Entrepreneurship is a 4-hour high octane journey designed by India's leading Business and Life coach Mr Manish Gupta. R.A.C.E is a compilation of his business knowledge and experience gathered over the past 21 years, and it pinpoints the distresses that every entrepreneur faces. It will also EMPOWER you with various strategic solutions that involve:

1. Managing yourself

2. Enabling people

3. Leading your team

4. Cultivate workplace relationships

5. Managing change

6. Managing results

7. Developing professional image and personal goals

8. Personal effectiveness as an Entrepreneur

Lead your business, people & Life effectively. R.A.C.E will guide you and give you an opportunity to understand Entrepreneurship with a precise and practical perspective.

Join the R.A.C.E and run to LEAD. Every time...

On 20th Octobar 2018

At Sheraton Grand,Pune

From 11 am to 3.00 pm

Enroll now. Reach us at 08237008400


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