Pavna Hutss Agro Picnic Spot Near Lonavala
GAT No. 77/A, Tikhe Vasti, Kamshet - Pavana Nagar Rd, Kamshet Near Lonavala, Maharashtra 410405,
Pune, Maharashtra, India

Direction and Map

Investment - 1000

Family Hum(Exclusive For Chrysalisans)

Get your Families ready as we bring you the most thrilling, the most awaited, extravagant, crazy and fun-filled event of this year “Family Hum”.

One full day specially designed for family entertainment.

Things to do before you come on board this MAD riot!

1. Take a deep breath

2. Look around

3. Say Yahooo!! (Don’t be too loud)

4. Call us up on 8237008400

5. Register your Family for this Event

6. Mark your calendar for 22nd July

7. Smile

8. Get back to doing what you were doing

Thank you and see you there...

Exclusively for Chrysalians there family's and friends