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Transformational Leadership Program

This is a 2-day nonresidential program aimed at helping the leaders to overcome the challenges they are facing in today's fast-moving world. The program focuses on getting work done out of people, retaining them in your organization for a long time, keeping the motivation and productivity high of subordinates. Influencing team members and subordinates to work or behave in sync with the companies' vision and mission.

An Entrepreneur Always Invests In His Belief and one of the best investments an Entrepreneur can do is to invest in the development of his team. - MG. A 'Trained' team member has a much better chance of firing than an untrained one.


  • Decision Making.
  • Influencing Style.
  • Situational Leadership.
  • Personality Traits.
  • Leadership Styles.
  • Open Communication.
  • Tracking performance of the team.
  • Bring in ease of doing business.

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