Royal Orchid Central
Marrisoft Annexe, Kalyani Nagar, Pune,
Pune, Maharashtra, India

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Investment - 5000

Business Simplified

Life is never going to be easy but we can definitely make it simple. Maintaining Relationships will never be easy but we can work on making them simple. Similarly running a business will never be easy but we can work towards making it simple.
Entrepreneurs unknowingly in the race to make money, in the rush to make a big business fail to learn the fundamentals of doing business. As a result business becomes complex to manage over a period of time. It becomes kind of a big puzzle and now energies are spent more  on handling the complexities than growing the business.
The good news is that there are tools and knowledge available to help entrepreneurs reduce their entanglement and make them live a more relaxed life.
Join this three hours workshop by Mg which will change your outlook towards your business.

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