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Pune, Maharashtra, India

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Investment - 10000

The Entrepreneur Growth Summit- October'17

Are you running your business or is your business running you ?

This session will be an eye opener session for most of the entrepreneurs. More than setting a strategy for your business it is important to execute it well. MG will enable you to discover the best an entrepreneur can bring to the society and answers to the following questions...
  1. In this era when business trends and technologies are changing over every second night then how does an entrepreneur stay up to date and run a smooth business?
  2. Is it really necessary to grow/expand the business?
  3. How can an existing team produce unexpected results?
  4. What is the right time to invest in your own business?
To join The Entrepreneur Growth Summit please apply now with a few details and our team will get back to you. - Get right knowledge to create a breakthrough in your #entrepreneurial journey by attending this three hour session by MG on #entrepreneurship. ** Who can attend - Entrepreneurs who wish to grow further Yes, we can tell you more about it call us on +91-8237008400.

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