Sumant Moolgaokar Auditorium (Ground Floor)
A-Wing, Audi No.- 1, MCCIA Trade Tower,ICC Complex,
Pune, Maharashtra, India

Direction and Map

Investment - 1200

The Entrepreneur Growth Summit- May'18

Are you running your business or is your business running you?

For every sport, we play there are some basic rules which we abide by. Following the dos & don'ts of that sport makes us not only be on top of that game but we also enjoy playing it.

Business is no different. If we can understand a few basic but important principles of doing business not only will we make the money we want but we will also enjoy making money.

But many entrepreneurs start doing business without understanding the fundamentals and want an experience to teach them not realising that in today’s time's experience is very expensive.

- Are you experiencing stagnancy in your business growth?

- Are you entangled and lost in the numerous processes and ways to conduct your business

- Do you feel directionless with regards to your business

- Are you unable to retain your best guys?

- Does your team feel they are chasing a meaningful objective?

- Is your business in control?

- Are you as an entrepreneur taking out time to do all that you thought you would be doing when you became an entrepreneur?

Join us for a 3-hour power-packed program -The Entrepreneur Growth Summit to learn the very powerful and important principles of doing business.

We are sure you’ll leave with a strong intent of taking your business to the next orbit.