Sumant Moolgaokar Auditorium (Ground Floor)
A-Wing, Audi No.- 1, MCCIA Trade Tower,ICC Complex,
Pune, Maharashtra, India

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An Evening with MG

Any business can become worthy of existence only with great leadership. Many of us have taken literally the statement - 'leaders lead from the front'. As a result, we are always on the front not realizing that being on the field, day in and day out though may give us some grip of the ground reality but will blind us for the future. A visionary leader spends more time in the future, as his responsibility for his organization is more towards tomorrow. He also understands that he will have to go to the battlefield when time demands - when there is a new product launch if there is a crisis or when the morale is down- but it's not an everyday affair. It's his foot soldiers who take care of today.
So one of the important responsibilities of a visionary leader is to keep dishing out strategies and be courageous to implement them so as to bring about a major turnaround in the fortunes of his company.
Register for “An Evening with MG” to get powerful insights on “Leadership” in a live two-hour session by MG.
1. Why are great leaders able to retain people with maximum productivity?
2. Key leadership skills of a successful entrepreneur
3. How do leaders create a productive & positive environment?
4. Difference between a ‘Good’ and ‘Right’ leader
5. How to maintain overall control with an effective delegation?
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