Celebration is the simplest way to achieve the most complex task – living in the present

How do we feel when we celebrate? Every one of us enjoys it. It is safe to assume that it’s the universal truth. But the real question is do we do enough of it?

Often it happens that, we become too involved in our mundane lives, daily challenges, deadlines, responsibilities, and so on. We focus on what’s not working and work to change it and forget to recognise what’s gone well and to purposefully stop and celebrate it. We forget to focus on what we have accomplished and rather worry about a long overwhelming list of what we have still got to do.

Regardless of what’s going on in our lives right now, we always have so much to celebrate and be grateful for. Celebrations don’t have to be reserved for the biggest events or festivals. We don’t have to wait until we close the business deal, get the dream job, fall in love, achieve a goal, get to retirement or whatever else it is we feel we need to accomplish in order to celebrate. Sometimes the best thing is to celebrate the mere fact that we’ve made it to this point in life inspite of all the challenges and hurdles we faced.

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” – Oprah Winfrey

Celebrating our successes (no matter how small the win), acknowledging things we have achieved and being grateful for what we have; helps to keep us on track and provides with the abundance of motivation.

Celebration is the simplest way to achieve the most complex task – living in the present. When we celebrate we live in Present and Present only. Our minds forget about the past and future worries when we are in the celebration mode. Celebration is one of the most powerful positive actions. There cannot be a negative thought with a positive action.

Apart from all this, one of the best reasons to celebrate is to simply feel good? Feeling good is what we look for, isn’t it? We’re driven to make changes in our lives because we want to feel better, be happier and feel good. So always look for the opportunity to celebrate. Celebrate and Feel Good!!