Are we “living our life” or “leading our life”?

Who doesn’t want extraordinary life? Who doesn’t want to be a successful personality and make a difference in the world? It’s in essence of our being, isn’t it?

Then why is that, in reality, majority of us just pass through life, accepting whatever life gives us, having no clear vision about life? And why is that very few people end up achieving that extraordinary dream? What is it they do and others don’t?

Well, one thing for sure is that they take charge of their lives. They don’t just live their lives but they lead their lives.

Think for a moment about it. If you were to talk about your life, will you say “I live my life…” or “I lead my life…”?It’s far more likely that majority of you use the former.

Can you imagine how unfortunate this is? Passing through life without any direction, any passion, any purpose. How to change it then?

It starts with the way you think.

If you don’t guard your thoughts, your thoughts will become your words;

If you don’t guard your words, your words will become your actions;

If you don’t watch your actions, your actions will become your life.

This is the plain reality of our lives. You want that extraordinary life? Well start watching your thoughts, start controlling what you say and what you do. Of course, that’s easier said than done because we’ve all trained ourselves to do only what we feel like doing.

One of the fact that many of you conveniently ignore is ‘You are the creator of your own life’–creator ofyour career, your business, your relationship, your health and so on. Only you have the power to dictate what kind of life you will live. it’s that simple. Take control of your life. You and only you can do that. No one else has that power but you.

When we lead our lives, we set a vision and intentionally resolve to advance from a lower state to a higher state. We are not resigning to live life as it is.Remember, you can be and do anything, you just need to have that vision about your life. If you have that, the desire will burn through you which will never let you settle, which will never let you give up.

Words matter. They frame how we think. Saying “I live my life…” begins a different sequence of thought and action than “I lead my life…” Ask yourself, what you want to choose.

A snail or a cow can live life, but shouldn’t a human do something more?